“Company that preoccupies the ‘life platform’ survives the post Corona era”

While the untact business is getting the limelight due to Corona 19, The ‘BX Life Platform Conference’, which predicts the future of the ‘distribution’, ‘logistics’ and ‘mobility’ industries that are closely related to life, will be held at Busan Park Hyatt Busan on the 3rd of next month.

Chulmin Kim, CEO of Beyond X, was in charge of planning the conference. He explained that the ‘Life Platform’ refers to integrated business models that provide life-oriented services such as shopping, eating out, laundry, education, medical care, and finance on one platform.

In the era of digital and infection, he planned the event by wondering what the future of services and industries closely related to life such as distribution, logistics, and mobility would look like. “The era of the life platform that fulfills the consumption of value, which is ‘myself’, has arrived because of Pandemic. In this situation, traditional offline distribution and logistics companies will find a solution to how they can survive in the market,” he said.

Business boundaries are already broken due to fierce platform competition

Kim stressed that the platform competition is fierce. In the past, boundaries of business such as food delivery and online distribution were clear. In the life platform era, the boundaries of services will be broken down, and the competition will rise to melt into the lives of customers and provide everything they need.

He said “The online shopping platform Coupang is entering the food delivery service, the food delivery platform is entering into online convenience store service, and the

delivery platform Dingdong is entering into food ordering and mobility services. The era of competition between heterogeneous platforms is approaching as companies that have built their own platform in a specific service area cross the boundaries and enter the related field.”

Eventually, it was meaningless to discuss what the service areas of life platform companies such as Coupang, Naver, Kakao, People of Delivery, and Dingdong are.

A world is opening with a focus on who can get closer to customers’ lives and provide higher value.

Cheol-Min Kim, CEO of Beyond X & BX Life Platform Organizing Committee

Life platform era: Focus on the ‘value’ you provide to your customers

CEO Kim said, “In the life of the platform, we expect not only service areas such as distribution, logistics, and mobility, but service innovation due to the innovative services combination and heterogeneous services.”

He explained that the life platform should aim to provide value by completely integrating into the customer’s life.

Just as the analogue sentiment to ‘regular customers’ and ‘regular shops’ attracted sympathy between customers and services, Life Platform should meet customers through digital technology, secure data about customers, and provide customized services through them.

In this process, when the boundary between online and offline naturally breaks down, an era in which customers and services will resonate with each other through untact services will come.

“Companies that understand customers better through the platform will be able to provide the same interaction between people offline as well as digital and face-to-face services,” Kim emphasized.

After all, the life platform should be able to provide human touch, emotional sympathy, and customized service through untact services rather than face-to-face services.

CEO Kim also said, “Life platforms do not mean specific categories such as distribution, logistics, and mobility. All services that understand customers and communicate digitally with customers in all fields that make up our lives are life platforms. All areas of our life, such as finance, education, and healthcare, where offline-oriented services have become mainstream, as well as distribution, living logistics, and mobility, which are already undergoing major changes, will be able to reach customers through life platforms.”

Dream of becoming a national conference like PIFF, G-Star

This conference will be held in Busan, not Seoul. There are concerns that companies may be less accessible. However, Kim explains that there is no reason to divide the event area into Seoul or Busan in the post-corona period.

Kim stated, “Physical movements and meetings are decreasing, and we live in an age where each other is careful. Communicating online through education, business meetings, seminars, etc. is becoming a routine.

This conference is not an event for Busan. We only hold a life platform conference in Busan that is created by distribution, logistics and mobility.”

“I hope it will be a conference that goes beyond the region, such as the Busan International Film Festival (PIFF), where movie enthusiasts will save their year and burn out, and G-Star, where candidates wait longer than SAT days,” he added.

Meanwhile, this conference is in the form of’Stay at Home Challenge’, which is conducted offline and online simultaneously. it is conducted as a safe offline event that strictly observes the quarantine rules, such as guidelines for placing social distances to prevent infection in the local area, and simultaneously transmits online transmissions for attendees from all over the country who have difficulty physically moving.

The event will be conducted for a fee, and detailed participation methods and inquiries can be confirmed through the BX Life Platform Conference Organizing Committee or Beyond X Web.